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Annual sugar conference

The conference “Summing up 22 years of development of Vietnam sugar industry”

– Summing up 22 years of development of Vietnam’s sugarcane industry (the program “1 million tons of sugar”); Honoring outstanding businesses contributing to the success of the program and the development of the sugar industry; Discuss the direction of sector development in the coming period.

– Exhibition of achievements Vietnam Sugar Cane Industry (Sugar mills participating in demonstration of product achievements, images … at the booth.

Workshop on “Renovating technologies and policies for sustainable development of Vietnam sugar industry”

Exchange, discuss knowledge, share experiences in the country and abroad in the construction of sugar value chain, to propose solutions for development of Vietnam sugar in the integration period.

Specifically: issues of seed development, raw material areas, cane production process, mechanization; new technology in sugar processing and by-products from sugarcane; advances in research and manufacture of machinery and equipment for sugar industry; issues of production organization and mechanisms and policies on state management of the sugar industry