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Employees are the core part of the company, employees work effectively, the new business can flourish. Understanding the truth, LASUCO always promotes incentive policies and develops resources to provide employees with a sustainable, dynamic and professional working environment.

Periodical health check every year at least once for employees, employees; at the same time arrange the work best suited to individual health conditions;

Measurement of working environment is carried out annually, aiming to have timely solutions to improve the working environment to achieve the best effect;

To formulate appropriate policies and regimes in labor, to promptly encourage laborers;

The labor protection and personal protective equipment as well as the rigorous testing of equipment are strictly implemented;

Welfare, social insurance and labor insurance are always sufficient and timely.

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Graduated student

For development plan and outreach in Vietnam and internationally, Lasuco aspire to have a young, healthy and professional human resource that build Lasuco much stronger. The Graduates in agricultural economics can apply economic principles and use quantitative analytical tools to analyze data for better decision making in agriculture and agricultural product business. Furthermore, Lasuco have state-of-the-art facilities and a team of professionals with many years of experience, in here students can express their abilities and creativity to grow together.


We look forward to bringing more value added to our customers in the field of agriculture. Lasuco are always looking for experienced professionals in the field of agricultural products, wide knowledge about crops (especially sugarcane) and agricultural land to produce the best products for the factory and its customers. Working with Lasuco, the company shall support your jobs and the experts could use high-tech machinery for the process of research and development of new products.


The total number of employees of the company is 845 people. With preferential policies and benefits under the Ministry of Labor, Lasuco aspire to give employees the most dynamic and professional working environment. Employees are the core part of the company, employees work effectively, the new business can grow stronger and longer. Lasuco ensure the employment for 3.000 officers, employees and tens of thousands of farmers for the highest quality and efficiency.

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