Bringing ideas to life

To gradually realize our idea of supplying clean and quality agricultural products, LASUCO has made specific strategies and actions to implement the ideas and goals that has been proposed. More specifically, LASUCO owns a team of experts with many years of experience in the sugar industry, offering important ideas in projects. LASUCO also respects the negative and positive opinions from farmers, who have practical experience in growing sugarcane. With more than 35 years in the industry, Lasuco always patiently research and improve with the desire to bring the best and high-value products to consumers. LASUCO has a clear vision of becoming an Intensive Agriculture Group, prestige global brand and focus on high-value organic products. Lasuco is carrying out research activities on organic farming methods and investing in hi-tech zones. With innovative and creative thinking, LASUCO will create different competitive advantages and promote the development of business.

Có đủ thực phẩm sạch
Clean and quality produce

Lam Son Trading & Import Export Co., Ltd was established with 123 stores in cities and provinces that have been operating effectively and have opened new prospects. The LASUCO brand is repositioned not only in sugar products, but also in organic products produced by high-tech to supply to consumers. To build and develop LASUCO into a sustainable agricultural economic group, producing and processing clean agricultural products in an organic manner to respond domestic and export demands; Ensure and harmonize the relationship of sustainable interests between shareholders, sugarcane growers, laborers in enterprises in public and community interests.

Research and development

Research and development
Lasuco focus on research and development, optimizing efficiency through sugar products, expanding the sugar value chain, diversifying products to increase competitive advantage, developing organic products, completely natural, with high nutrient and mineral content "for quality of life, for public health". Lasuco is continuing to research on technical innovations that bring practical effects for the plant, optimizing the recovery efficiency, controlling the use of energy, minimizing the steam and electricity consumption in production and consumption.

Đổi mới và sáng tạoCreativity and Innovation

Lasuco renovate the mode of production and development of materials from small, odd, scattered and hand-made to large-scale field production methods, concentrated, modern and synchronized mechanics. This is the first and most urgent solution to make a breakthrough for commodity production. Renovating the mechanism of operation, operate in the direction of dynamic, self-control, creativity for production, minimizing the loss of production build and implement the mechanism of trading internal targets associated with salaries and bonuses of individuals and units.