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Mr. Le Van Tam

Since 1988, Mr. Le Van Tam – LABOR HERO – CHAIRMAN OF LAM SON JOINT STOCK CORPORATION, has participated in Lam Som as an executive director after privatization in 1999 (formerly the state company). Mr. Le Van Tam was awarded the title of Labor Hero, which marked the beginning of a new era not only for Lam Son but also for all agriculture and sugar industries in Vietnam.


He has given the ideas to encourage and support farmers for cooperating with companies, which specialize in planting the clean and high-tech agricultural products for value chain and processing plant as well as for exporting needs. Thanks to the wonderful management of Mr. Tam, Lam Son Sugarcane Joint Stock Corporation is not only considered as a leading sugar corporation but also regarded as a reputable and trustworthy group of farmers who have a good relationship with farmers, scientists and relevant agencies.

In order to implement the government’s policy of restructuring Vietnam’s agriculture, Mr. Tam continues to invest in the strategic projects, focus on excellent and high-tech agriculture, and raise the agricultural product’s price for sustainable development of Vietnam’s agricultural sector. With the current development, the goal of increasing the turnover of over USD 350 million by 2020 will become true. This will help Lam Son become one of the leading companies in the field of Vietnamese agriculture.