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Sugar cane

With over 30 years in growing sugar cane, Lasuco have come out at the top of sugar cane manufacture and sugar cane export to the international market. In the 2017-2018 crop, Lasuco shall take 2 new kinds of seeding into experiment, deploy 1 million-sugar cane multiplication under tissue culture method for cultivators; invest in irrigation system and buy 1 sugar cane harvester. Of which, the main purpose of Lasuco is to exchange inefficient crops to farming sugar cane, invest in irrigation system to increase productivity and quality for materials; at the same time, create sugar cane production model with high productivity and quality. Moreover, Lasuco are deploying to manage materials area by electronic digital map. Not only does the company own thousands of hectares of sugar cane and processing zones, it also applies high technology to produce high quality variety serving production. Sugar canes are moved to the factory after harvested. They are fresh, clean and it is not allowed to leave the canes in field after cut down for more than 12 hours.