Lasuco standards

Commitment and Building Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008: The business dependent on its customers and needs to understand the current and future needs of the customer, not only to response but also to striving to exceed the expectations of customers. Lasuco’s leaders always set up a unified unity between the purpose and the way of business, maintain the internal environment in the business to completely attract people in achieving the goals of the business. Lasuco understands that quality is driven by the customer, and that the needs of the customer are always changing in line with the tendency to satisfy their requirements more and more, so quality always needs innovation. . Lasuco strives for innovation and quality improvement, making continuous improvements.

Certification of the FSSC 22000: By 2016, Lasuco has been certified FSSC 22000 as a global food safety mechanism. Lasuco has met the strict requirements on food safety management set by the Food Safety Certification Association such as Food Safety Management System, in accordance with IS 22000: 2005; Programs setting prerequisites are regulated by BSI-PAS 220: 2008; Technical requirements for services and personnel arrangements in the application of food safety principles.