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Land and garden

At present, total of materials land area of Lasuco is 15.000 ha, providing large yield of sugar cane for the factory. The development of sugar cane area provides employment to thousands of laborers in Thanh Hoa. However, Lasuco’s big field model has not promoted efficient as hoped because field gathering process has not completed yet and cultivated land is still assemble in the locals. Yearly, the center of tissue culture and sugar cane multiplication produces 3-4 million seedings which are cultivated in 4000 ha. By 2020, the company ensures that 100 percent of sugar cane area of the region is cultivated with new breeding with high quality, increasing sugar cane’s productivity to 80 tons/ha and over. The increase of tractors’ ability mechanizes 80 percent of sugar cane area. Trade and market are in the forefront.