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Lasuco has carried out lots of projects namely:

The project of park – ecological and spirit destination: total investment capital is estimated by 500 billion dong. The first period (2017 – 2020): 200 billion dong; the second period (2021 – 2025): 300 billion dong.

The project of investing in applying advanced technology for producing – processing dendrocalamus membranaceus munro: by 2020, capacity of 20.000 m3/ year shall be obtained, creating 300 billion dong of revenue; by 2025, the capacity of 100.000 m3 is achieved and 1.500 billion dong of revenues is expected to gain.

Investing in commercial import-export in association with promoting Lasuco’s brand: The corporation strives to enlarge retail outlets to achieve 15-20 percent per year by 2020, increase by 10 percent per year from 2021 to 2015.

On the basis of LASUCO’s brand repositoning, we shall successfully fulfill our commitment and promote the corporation’s brand through means of media to approach both domestic and international consumers.