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Action statement

Recently, the issue of food safety has become a very much concern. The contaminated meat and vegetables are sold in every where of our society. As a result, it has a big impact on consumer’s health and life. Recognizing the issue, Lasuco focus much on the production of clean and natural food. All the products provided to the market are clean and organic products from the nature. These organic products ensure global quality standards with the high and advanced technology and friendliness with the environment. Lasuco have the criterion “For the quality of life, for health safety”.
Lasuco have the same goal with the domestic and international partners. It is to develop together and together provide quality products to consumers. We understand that besides reunification of idea and viewpoints, development orientation is very important. Therefore, setting targets clearly and defining tasks logically help two parties understand and work together. Lasuco believe that the mutual trust and respect are two leading criteria in order to build a successful partner relationship. To do this, Lasuco are always honest and clear in every business transaction and open all expenses and always as well as promote the friendly, equal and fair working spirit.
The personnel: A good management relationship is decided by the insight and mutual assistance in all circumstances. Lasuco always understand and support workers to develop together. Moreover, the corporation always give our employees with opportunities of learning and accessing the technology, new machinery and equipment in order to facilitate their job.

Preserving the land for generations
Power of organic sugar

Currently, organic food is increasingly chosen by many Vietnamese people and gradually become a new consumer trend because the benefits that this food bring to health is very obvious. Understanding this trend, LASUCO is investing and developing organic sugar supply to Vietnam market, then the World market. The organic sugar of LASUCO is produced from organic sugarcane - sugarcane will not contain any chemicals or toxic and commercial fertilizers. The source of sugarcane material response to the requirements of seeds, origin, quality according to the method of organic farming, especially non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms). Moreover, LASUCO is investing in building hi-tech area, modern technology to meet the requirement strict standards in domestic as well as international from the production stage to the finished product, to create standard organic products.
The quality of LASUCO sugar is more nutrients, not harmful to health. Moreover, LASUCO is also interested in the environment around factory. The land, water and air will not be contaminated, increase the reproduction of organisms and consume less energy.

Bringing ideas to life

To gradually realize our idea of supplying clean and quality agricultural products, LASUCO has made specific strategies and actions to implement the ideas and goals that has been proposed. More specifically, LASUCO owns a team of experts with many years of experience in the sugar industry, offering important ideas in projects. LASUCO also respects the negative and positive opinions from farmers, who have practical experience in growing sugarcane. With more than 35 years in the industry, Lasuco always patiently research and improve with the desire to bring the best and high-value products to consumers. LASUCO has a clear vision of becoming an Intensive Agriculture Group, prestige global brand and focus on high-value organic products. Lasuco is carrying out research activities on organic farming methods and investing in hi-tech zones. With innovative and creative thinking, LASUCO will create different competitive advantages and promote the development of business

Promote a sustainable future

To concentrate on building and developing raw material area, synchronously performing large solutions in the program "Renewing sugarcane and Lam Son sugar seeds", building large fields, synchronous engine, applicating high-tech to NSBQ will reach 80 tons / ha, inside, intensive farming will be from 100 tons / ha, the quality of 11-12 CCS, ensuring stable material and fuel for factories. Processing industries: To efficiently exploit the system of equipment and technologies and raise the capacity of the co-generation. The target is to reach 200,000 tonnes of sugar (from sugarcane and sugar refinery) and electricity generates about 100 million KWh in 2020. In particular, diversified investment in new products from sugarcane, products related to sugar, organic products, to enhance nutritional value for health, improve production and business efficiency.

Our Heritage

During the process of formation and production, LASUCO increasingly strengthens its value in the mind of consumers with prestigious certificates, such as, the quality management system certification ISO 9001: 2008; Certificate of Occupational Health Safety Management (OHSAS 18001), HALAL certification for refined sugar and pure gold sugar; many other certifications. In 2017, LASUCO honored to receive title “ Vietnam High Quality Products” in 2017 voted by consumers
At present, total of raw material of LAM SON FERTILIZER JOINT STOCK COMPANY is 15,000 ha, supply of large sugarcane yield. LASUCO also focuses on developing hi-tech zones, applying the new and advanced technologies to produce, creating breakthrough in productivity and quality of agricultural products. LASUCO owns a young and professional human resources to help build LASUCO stronger.