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Promote a sustainable future

To concentrate on building and developing raw material area, synchronously performing large solutions in the program “Renewing sugarcane and Lam Son sugar seeds”, building large fields, synchronous engine, applicating high-tech to NSBQ will reach 80 tons / ha, inside, intensive farming will be from 100 tons / ha, the quality of 11-12 CCS, ensuring stable material and fuel for factories. Processing industries: To efficiently exploit the system of equipment and technologies and raise the capacity of the co-generation. The target is to reach 200,000 tonnes of sugar (from sugarcane and sugar refinery) and electricity generates about 100 million KWh in 2020. In particular, diversified investment in new products from sugarcane, products related to sugar, organic products, to enhance nutritional value for health, improve production and business efficiency.

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Sustainable development of the fuel area

Lasuco concentrate on building and developing material areas in a coordinated manner in the program of "Renewing sugarcane and Lam Son sugar seeds", follow the direction of concentrating and building big fields, high-tech applications to reach NSBQ 80 tons / ha, of which intensive cultivation of 100 tons / ha or more, quality 11-12 CCS; To ensure the stability of raw materials and fuel for production plants.

Agricultural methods

Efficiently exploiting the system of equipment and technologies which have been invested and promote the capacity of power cogeneration; the target is to reach 200,000 tons of sugar (from sugarcane and refined sugar) by 2020 and generate electricity about 100 million KWWh. In which, many new products are from sugarcane, molasses and bagasse, organic products in order to enhance added value and human health, improve business and production efficiency.

Effectively operate activities of Lam Son High Tech Agro Research & Development Center Co..Ltd, successfully implement the strategy of producing the high quality seeds without disease, provide the industrial scale for Lam Son sugarcane areas and other regions in the country; propagate and produce high quality vegetables, flowers and fruits "for quality of life" provided for the market; Be contact point of transferring science and technology for farmers and building up the brand of organic agricultural and clean agricultural products in association with the purchase of products, preservation and processing to supply for the domestic market and exporting as well.

Diverse products

Lasuco focus on research and development, optimizing efficiency through roadside products, following the road and expanding the sugar value chain, diversifying products to increase competitive advantage, developing organic products, completely natural, with high nutrient and mineral content "for quality of life, for public health".
Lasuco continuing research on technical innovations that bring practical effects for the plant, optimizing the recovery efficiency, controlling the use of energy, minimizing the steam and electricity consumption in production and consumption.